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Why we started Goodnick

Meet Robert & Harry - Healthy Ageing Geeks

Hi, we're Robert and Harry, we're the Founders of Goodnick and we're on a mission help people over 60 put the breaks on ageing and have the best quality of life possible.

How it all started…

It all started during the 2021 lockdowns. We were both living with our parents, and noticed that whilst they weren't getting any younger, they also weren't doing much to ward off "old age".

With both of our parents in their mid-60's, grandchildren on the way, and a lot of retirement years ahead, we started thinking, what could we do to help them offset ageing so they can live their best lives well into the future?

Founders of Goodnick

Number one cause of ageing…

Now, old age comes in many shapes and sizes, but as we started researching, we discovered something very interesting that up until recently, no one was really talking about. It affects literally every human on the planet, and is the number one cause of ageing... Any guesses to what it is?

It's age-related muscle loss, and the severe impact it has on us the older we get.

In fact, most people in their 60s will lose over 30% of their muscle mass, significantly speeding up the ageing process. With this in mind, Goodnick was born.

From personal trainer & restaurateur to healthy ageing experts

Having spent the last 15 years as one of the UK's leading personal trainers, training top performers from Olympic athletes and BAFTA Award winning actors to Grammy Award winning singers, Robert immersed himself in breakthrough research around physical ageing and developed a specialised programme that could radically improve the physical abilities of the over-60s.

That programme, now called Goodnick, is at the heart of how we transform the physical abilities of thousands of over 60's around the UK.

Whilst looking after your muscles is vital to ageing better, what you eat is equally important. With Harry’s background in food and hospitality, Harry heads up all things edible, ensuring that every recipe and ingredient you eat at Goodnick is tasty, and certainly doesn’t follow the traditional “healthy = boring” philosophy when it comes to eating for longevity.

Our Story

Goodnick was founded by Rob and Harry who met when Harry was looking for a personal trainer. Rob was recommended as one of the best.

Harry's parents were now in their mid-60s – and feeling it –  with many years of retirement ahead of them. With some inevitably exhausting grandkids on the way, he decided to research ageing and how to keep his parents in the best shape possible.

Leading doctors and scientists on ageing (experts like Dr. Mark Hyman) had shown that the primary factor in age-related decline was actually muscle loss. No-one was talking about this: and old body was not an inevitability, and people could live full lives long into old age.

Harry called Rob and it turned out that his ageing parents were leading him down a similar path. And so Goodnick was born with a clear mission to make ageing something to look forward to.

Founders of Goodnick

Rob, who had trained elite-level Olympic athletes, immersed himself in this breakthrough research around physical ageing and developed a specialised exercise programme that could radically improve the physical abilities of the over-60s.

That programme, now called Everyday Stronger™ is at the heart of how Goodnick transforms the physical abilities of our members.

Emma joined us early on as our Head Coach and in just two years, more than 1,500 people have transformed their ability to live life to the full. The oldest? A (now) sprightly 87 year old.

And yes, our parents are now running those grandkids ragged!

Our Guiding Principles

There with you, every day

At Goodnick, we’re more than just an email 3 times a week. We're a daily partner, accompanying you through each week. Day in, day out, you can count on us to be there by your side.

Accountability on tap

Promises are only as good as the actions behind them. We take our commitments seriously. With unwavering accountability, we ensure you always receive the quality, reliability, and service you deserve.

Biggest bang for your buck

We simplify the complicated fluff you get bombarded with every day and get straight to the point, providing you with the most powerful service on the planet so you get the best results in the shortest amount of time

Designed for you

Your needs, preferences, and aspirations drive our design philosophy. Every feature, every product, every interaction is crafted with you in mind.

We're real humans

In an age dominated by poor customer service, Goodnick places humans at the forefront. At Goodnick you're connecting with real people who care who are just an email, Whatsapp or phone call away. That's our promise.

No one's going to catch this silver fox.

Let’s face it, once we hit 60, it can feel like everything goes downhill. And the truth is, if we do nothing to stop it, ageing will take away a lot of the physical freedoms we enjoy when we’re younger.We don’t have to let that happen.

Try Goodnick today and start ageing with attitude!

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Healthy lifestyle

Getting older does not mean we have to feel older.

With the right exercise, the human body is capable of retaining far more of its younger abilities than you’d believe. The right exercise can regain decades of strength, shape and mobility.

That’s where Goodnick comes in.

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